BlueRobotics BlueROV2用 拡張ペイロードスキッド [B190603020] セキドオンラインストア DJI ドローン|PGYTECH SUBLUE HOBBYWING 総代理店

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BlueRobotics BlueROV2用 拡張ペイロードスキッド


型番 B190603020
販売価格 34,091円(税込37,500円)
商品ポイント 375 ポイント
在庫状況 残り 1 セット 売切れ間近

対応機種:BlueRobotics BlueROV2


The Payload Skid is a modular frame for the BlueROV2 with mounting points for additional watertight enclosures and lights. Using the Payload Skid, you can add additional large instruments and other equipment to your BlueROV2.

Check out the product video for the Payload Skid:

Fitting snugly to the bottom of the ROV, the Payload Skid can host up to an additional two Lumen subsea lights, twelve Ballast Weights, and two 4″ Watertight Enclosures or three 3″ Watertight Enclosures.


BlueROV2用 拡張ペイロードスキッド | 商品サイズ
BlueROV2用 拡張ペイロードスキッド | 商品サイズ


Length 475 mm
Width 338 mm
Height 197mm
Weight (in air) 1200g


●Payload Skid Side Panel (HDPE) × 2
●Payload Skid Bottom Panel (HDPE) × 1
●Standoff × 2
●Payload Skid Mounting Clip × 4
●M4x16 Screws (316 Stainless Steel) × 4
●M5x16 Screws (316 Stainless Steel) × 12