【BlueRobotics】BlueROV2用 カメラチルトシステム [B181212040]  DJI ドローン|PGY SUBLUE HOBBYWING 総代理店 セキドオンラインストア

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【BlueRobotics】BlueROV2用 カメラチルトシステム


型番 B181212040
販売価格 5,000円(税込5,400円)
商品ポイント 54 ポイント

対応機種:BlueRobotics BlueROV2






This camera tilt system provides up/down pitch tilting for a camera and attaches directly to the 4″ Series Electronics Tray. Used on the BlueROV2.

The Camera Tilt System is a tilting camera mount which works seamlessly with the Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (4″ Series) and the Electronics Tray (4″ Series). The tilting servo is the high-quality digital HS-5055MG servo with metal gears. The camera mounts are compatible with our Low-Light HD USB Camera, our Raspberry Pi Camera w/ Wide Angle Lens, and our Low-Light Analog Camera. We have also made the 3D CAD files freely available so that you can modify them to fit your camera or servo!

The Camera Tilt System has proven itself as a stable, robust camera tilting system on the BlueROV2.


カメラチルトシステム | 商品サイズ


Control Signal Standard 3-5V Pulse Width Control
1500 μs – neutral
1100 μs – 45 ° counter-clockwise
1900 μs – 45 ° clockwise
Speed 0.20 s/60° @ 4.8V
0.17 s/60° @ 6.0V
Torque 18 oz/in @ 4.8V
22 oz/in @ 6.0V
1.2 kg/cm @ 4.8V
1.5 kg/cm @ 6.0V
Dimensions 0.89in x 0.45in x 0.95in
22.6mm x 11.4mm x 23.9mm
Weight 0.02 lb 9.4 g
Electrical Connector 3-pin female (0.1″ pitch)
Cable Length 7.0 in
178 mm


●HS-5055MG Servo × 1
●Camera Tilt Base × 1
●Camera Tilt Mount (as configured) × 1
●M2x8mm Socket Head Cap Screws × 8